Jenny Hoggarth

Jenny coaches executives and high potential leaders at all levels in local and global organisations in South Africa, Africa, UK and Europe. Before starting her coaching business in 2000, Jenny held various executive leadership positions. She has won numerous sales and management awards and has served on several boards.

She currently coaches for 80% of her time. For the rest, she takes on interim executive assignments, invests in small businesses and works as a trustee for a large developmental trust. Maintaining an active involvement in business and investment ensures that she remains current and also empathetic to the challenges that her executive clients face.

She is involved in many facets of human and leadership development. Being flexible, supportive, and holding the development of others top of mind, Jenny is able to add a valuable leadership dimension to a team without needing to own it and loves working with individual leaders to help unlock their fullest potential. She has worked on many impactful projects and has been part of some extremely successful business initiatives. She has experienced much repeat business over the years within many of her client companies, which serves as a testimony to the value that they have observed for themselves and their businesses.

Jenny has more than 15 000 hours experience doing one to one coaching. She has coached teams and individuals in varied industry sectors at all levels of work. More specific individual, company or industry references available on request.

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Executive and business coaching, strategic planning, business consulting, complex selling skills, establishment of new business units, shadow support for new executives, career counselling, supervision of coaches.


AVI, Barclays Africa, Citibank, Adapt IT, FNB, eBucks, DSM Nutritional products, EY, Investec, Liberty Life, Lightstone Group, Polyoak Manufacturing, SA Metals, Smollan, Standard Bank, University of Johannesburg, Volkswagen South Africa, World Bank (IFC), Estee Lauder, Respublica, Forwardzone