Best Year Yet
Personal Transformation Programme

The principles of BEST YEAR YET were first published in 1994 in the book “Your Best Year Yet!”.

The fun and interactive workshop-in-a-book offers a transformational, goal-oriented program based on ten simple questions which can be used in individual sessions or also as a useful framework for your business’ strategic goal setting and team coaching.

Much of the important coaching used in the best year yet approach is concerned with “THE MOMENT OF CHANGE”. This has been researched academically by Dr Bart Bartholomew, one of Best Year Yet’s founding partners. He saw the center-point as the representation of the moment in a Best Year Yet workshop when a new paradigm is created. The questions in the process work together to move a person or team from dragging the past with them to living into the future. The right side of the symbol represents the future the person or team is now living into, supported by their values and shaped by their new paradigm and goals.

In BYY, the focus is on neutralizing your old habitual thoughts that might be limiting you by creating a new paradigm – replacing and rewriting those thoughts that are holding you back and using that affirmation to help you move forward. I have tempered that approach with the addition of other theory around holding paradoxes and conflicting values, honouring our past, making friends with our tapes without necessarily needing to remove the paradigms.

Best Year Yet workshops are a catalyst for transformation and create an environment for ongoing positive change. A workgroup moves forward, aligned on what matters most to them, and focused on the results they will achieve to manifest this new future for their company or division. Without this element of transformation, Best Year Yet would be just a goal-setting exercise. It is this moment of change that yields excellent coaching results. 

Jenny’s credentials:
Certified coach and team workshop facilitator, (2004)

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