Ontological Coaching is a holistic and at times mysterious process. It differs from those coaching methods that are more based in tools and techniques, or narrative story telling or a series of mechanical steps. It creates graceful, effortless conversation that touches the soul and transforms the person going forward. Based on innovative research, it harnesses new understandings of the power of language, moods and body work to generate profound transformations.

The process allows the coachee to observe differently and take different actions that enrich the quality of their existence. It is both a conversation and a relationship, with life learning as an outcome.

Ontological Coaching is about producing a shift in the coachee’s way of being, not only so that he or she can deal with their current breakdown, but encouraging second order learning so that they will be a different observer of themselves, and circumstances in their life going forward.

Permission, respect and the full acceptance of the coachee as a legitmate other underpins every part of the ontological coaching process.

As part of his or her way of being, the ontological coach has a relational manner that enables him or her to engage the coachee as a “partner in learning”. By generating a context for learning, the coach provides a situation where the coachee can begin to observe how their way of being has unwittingly placed limitations on themselves and has produced unnecessary suffering. The coach can then begin to work with the coachee to assist them to find different paths of possibilities in their life, ones that open doors to not only to different actions, but also to the embodiment of more powerful ways of being and observing in the future.

At the completion of the coaching conversation, the coachee is not someone who is so radically different as to be unrecognisable to him- or herself and others. Yet there has also been some shift in their conception of who they are and what they are capable of doing in their life. An old coherence has been broken and a new coherence begins to emerge, in which the coachee stays who they are and yet emerges as someone transformed.

Coaching to the three areas of language, emotions and body generates profound learning and deep constructive change, leading to powerful accomplishments both in the personal and work arena.

Jenny’s credentials:
Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching: Alan Sieler, 1) Ontological Coaching Institute, Australia. (2015)

More information: www.ontologicalcoaching.com.au

Useful Books:
Coaching to the Human Soul vol. 1, 2 and 3 : Alan Sieler’s pioneering work provides a brilliant articulation of Ontological Coaching