Leadership Team Coaching
a systemic approach

(Peter Hawkins)

Peter Hawkins has distilled a great deal of practical business wisdom in the preparation of his books and training courses . In particular, he has expanded the scope of team coaching to embrace a systemic perspective, which recognizes that the team’s ability to implement change and radically improve performance is influenced as much by external as internal factors. He uses a series of robust yet simple models that enable coaches to work with teams to develop high performing teams. Most useful for me is the Hawkins 5 Disciplines Model of team coaching:

Jenny’s credentials:
Jenny attended Peter’s systemic team coaching training in 2014. Peter Hawkin’s methods and systems theory form the basis for her approach to team coaching and strategy sessions.

More information: https://www.henley.ac.uk/people/person/professor-peter-hawkins/

Useful books:
Leadership Team coaching in practice” And “ Leadership team coaching “ by Peter Hawkins