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Dr Paddy Pampallis, The Coaching Centre

Integral + Methodology

The Integral+ Framework© and Integral U Process utilises a multi-perspective approach to identify ways to achieve defined outcomes. It is applicable across all management and leadership levels within an organisation, and within 'life' situations of individuals. The methodology provides an elegantly simple map with which to hold the vast complexity of our current times and invites the client to bring with them their own maps of experience. The layering, calibration and embodiment of learning brings about a new way in which individuals, teams and organisations can navigate their experience in the world. It also prepares leaders and coaches of leaders, to apply this map in their own unique way so that they may achieve their goals and purpose in life and work. It enables people to include and transcend their own capabilities using wider, more complex and more expansive ways of thinking, doing and being.

Using the TCC Integral+ Framework© creates the space to think within adult learning environments. This is obtained through reflection, action and practice. It changes mindsets, improves performance, builds confidence, and empowers mature thinking and behaviour to become embodied practice.

Jenny’s credentials:
Jenny is certified as a developmentor and an assessor for the Coaching Centre’s Diploma in Coaching since 2008.
She regularly works on transformational coaching projects with The Coaching Centre.
She served on an advisory board for The Coaching Centre in 2010 and 2011.
She has attended training on Leadership maturity Levels in 2012 with Suzanne Greuter (lecturer at Harvard and faculty member of the Coaching Centre)

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