Jenny Hoggarth
Executive Coach

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Professional Life
& Personality

So much of who we are, how we see the world and how we respond to it, is contained in our way of being – we bring those many different facets of ourselves into our coaching. When forming a learning partnership, it’s important to have an understanding of what the other party brings in with them.

Jenny has many years of business and coaching experience but also embodies her values - abundance, authenticity, unconditional acceptance of others, positivity, curiosity, being a learner, love of family and a general excitement about the possibilities that life offers. She believes that life is short and that making her time here significant is the most important reason for working. Kindness is her overarching philosophy of life.

Jenny's personal mission is to make a difference to the world one person at a time and she is always open to any project that will enhance and positively impact the lives of others. She is regularly involved in the growth and learning of others and offers supervision to new coaches inspiring others. Being a catalyst for positive change in their lives is what keeps her coaching and loving every minute of her chosen career.

A Unique

Jenny’s multi-dimensional approach to her coaching is created via a mixture of many facets:

Personality; personal strengths; business experience; learned skills through degrees and diplomas; conceptual skills through regular reading of books and papers; learned practices through body work and sitting with experts; spending time learning with peers; the combined experiences of 20 years of coaching and learning from her clients during that time; second order learning and self-awareness though regular self-coaching and reflection; consistent supervision, regular mind and body practices such as meditation and Nia and more.


Jenny was blessed to be involved with an IT start-up company in the 1980’s, which grew from a very small core group of people to a company that is now one of the leading listed IT corporates in Africa. For 12 years, she was a part of the executive team that found new innovative global products, created new business divisions and implemented complex IT solutions in many major corporate businesses in South Africa. Her strengths were in business development and also in placing people in the right positions and mentoring them to create very successful divisions. She is regarded as an inspirational leader and years later, is still close to many of the team members that were part of this wonderful time of her life. During this season of her career, she experienced all the challenges involved in growing a business from a small player to the listing of the company and then the sale of the business into a bigger corporation.

This background and the subsequent running of her own businesses for the past 20 years has stood her in good stead to be able to partner with her coaching clients with a relevant understanding and empathy as to what their lives entail. She now coaches executives in many corporate, global and small business environments in many different industries but the goal is always the same – to support and enable them to escalate to their chosen levels of excellence and success.

Traveller, Reader
Wife, Mother

Jenny adores her daughters, husband and friends. She is an avid reader, enthusiastic traveller and a constant observer of the human condition. She believes in continual learning and is currently studying mindfulness and meditation to further broaden her perspectives. She loves dancing, does yoga whenever she can and is always ready to try out a new adventure!